Avenue Red Podcast #097 - Tim Boyd


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After a little bit of a pause, the Avenue Red engine is back up and running with a full tank of fuel, ready to churn out more mixes from underground heroes that you likely have not heard about before. This next instalment is a first for us... it took 97 episodes to bring an Aussie to Avenue Red tables, as we welcome Tim Boyd from Sydney, Australia! Here Tim basks in the sunny Sydney weather and takes inspiration from his surroundings to deliver a super hot mix of delicious, deep melodic house music from his very nice and varied record collection. "I got into dance music soon after I left high school. I'm 23 now. I took this year off after finishing Uni to put out some of my friends music on a label I've started called Black Wattle. I have two releases in the works with the first coming out around the end of September. Musically I'm inspired by DJs who play records with passion and take risks. This mix was just one afternoon in my living room in Sydney... I wanted it to be pretty laid back and make people happy and deliver pure sunshine through their speakers/headphones. Here it is, enjoy x" Tim Boyd, September 2017 https://soundcloud.com/timothy-boyd-9

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