Avenue Red Podcast #103 - Gusev


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Avenue Red resident Russian-German selector Gusev is back with a mix of his own personal classics collection. Lots of great tracks that will take the true underground House & Techno heads back to the good times! We have had this mix since 5 months ago and we are very pleased to finally get it out there - there are many great mixes to follow in quick succession from some old Avenue Red favourite DJ's and some newcomers to the series too, so keep a look out in the coming weeks for more underground goodies ;) "Hello friends, this mix I recorded about half a year ago. Of course one take, vinyl only as always with me. I'm not just a vinyl collector but I'm also mixtape collector and in the mix I've selected many tracks that I've heard in other very good mixes. The mixes and DJ's had a big impact on me, and many of the tracks I played in the mix are legendary for me. I hope you will like the mix. Enjoy!" Dmitry Gusev, January 2018 See Also: https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/1210-mk8-gusev https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-070-gusev https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-070-1-gusev https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-070-2-gusev https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-094-gusev https://soundcloud.com/gusev-1

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