Avenue Red Podcast #105 - Mihail P


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Avenue Red hereby welcomes the second coming of Mihail P from Vinica in Macedonia. A rising star in the underground electronic music scene, Mihail's productions are really getting noticed a lot since he did Avenue Red Podcast 075 some 16 months ago, with some top releases in the pipeline to be released throughout this year. The payload of vinyl releases involves two good friends of Avenue Red, with one coming on Paul Rimbaud's Distant Worlds label and also one on Andy Green's Verdant Recordings imprint. Keep a look out for those! This mix is yet another satisfying selection of futuristic electro and techno that shows Mihail's supreme taste, his discerning ear for a smooth transition and finding winning combinations to create a prime tapestry of deep, grooving electronic sounds, which are also notably close to home with his own production style. We want more from you in the future Mihail, do keep us in mind! :) "The view you see in the artwork picture is something that inspires me daily, whether I am producing, mixing or listening to music. And while playing/recording this very mix i had this view staring at me all the time. This mix is about the atmosphere that surrounds us: the environment and our daily routines; the spirit of every town that feels like an intricate machinery where every resident has an important part to play; how we're all connected in some way whether we are aware or not... I want you to feel this mix as moving through the crowd of people, picking up every signal they send and convert it into a sound wave of celestial beats and glacial atmospheres.", Mihail Petrovski, February 2018 https://soundcloud.com/mihailpetrovski https://www.discogs.com/artist/5232588-Mihail-P See Also: https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-075-mihail-p

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