Avenue Red Podcast #127 - Waage


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For this next Avenue Red Podcast episode we are keeping the Icelandic connection strong as we present the new Reykjavik wonderkid known as Waage. Known for his strongly Basic Channel/Maurizio-influenced EP's, simply titled W and W² and released on Thor's Thule imprint and Exos' X/OZ label respectively, this mix follows suit along those deep, dubbed-out techno lines. However, Kristjan assures us that there are some surprises around the corner with his forthcoming releases, with some totally new ideas and sounds and a collaboration with fellow Icelandic artist/DJ COLD, who did our 118th episode. At the request of the DJ, we will leave it there! But one last thing... Happy Birthday Mr. Waage! ;) "No words... I'll let the music talk for me." Kristjan Thor Waage, 3rd April 2019 https://www.discogs.com/artist/5876642-Waage https://soundcloud.com/thor_thule_records https://soundcloud.com/xozmusic

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