Avenue Red Podcast #133 - Georges White


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Well, this is one hell of a mix! It's an utterly dazzling performance, a 3-hour marathon run through all of the key music that is/has been the most important and influential to the DJ. We'll let the French man with the skills, Georges White, talk the rest with his words and this rock-solid mix. "Born in the north east of France, since childhood I've been passionate about music, digging aimlessly and secretly through the vinyl collection of my father, going to the roots of blues and soul music, while also checking out the kraut and psychedelic side of 70's rock of Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream. This took me pretty naturally towards listening to electronic music very young, to the new wave and cold sound of Depeche Mode, The Human League or New Order while I was always obsessed by black music and listening to hip hop, funk and disco before discovering house and techno in the early 90's. It was unconsciously but already clear for me that music is like a journey into life itself and it will made mine for a long time. Thanks to radio shows on Maxximum or later Couleur 3 and the reviews from influential journalists like Didier Lestrade in Liberation then in Coda. Through the years I've developed an insatiable thirst for new sounds and attitudes, creations, all that we called at that time culture. That explains my bent for groove in all forms and mixtures. But I'm firstly a 'searcher head' musical lover, moved by his passion for music and arts, whatever the boundaries of styles or countries of origin, letting inner moods and emotions drive the way, where simply 'when it sounds good I play'. Wherever life brings you, in the south or the north of France, where I met nice, special and inspirational people behind music too, among many others DJ Bouto from La Bande Adhésive, who gave me my first gig at la Poudrière in Belfort or later Steve Sibra, host of the 'Laboratoire Sonore' radio show in Montpellier, where I made many free-focused reviews during twelve years. Every meet is like a gate to a new universe, an opportunity of discovering something else you did'nt know before. A new territory. That's my point about music too. The main idea behind this session is to gather and link all the artists, labels and styles I have loved over the years in one take, melting emotions and grooves selected in this mid-year area. As the confrontation of atmospheres, life/world changes, past and present building another future, furtive thoughts and perceptions refracted and flowed through the body and soul, this session would dive you deep into this intimate experience, when time, music and people are connected to each other. Love, passion and pleasure are the only red wire through all tracks here and the story they tell together. Like an instant photography of my current situation, this is the soundtrack of my new life. I hope you'll enjoy it!!" Georges White, July 2019 https://soundcloud.com/georges-white PS. The photograph for the artwork was provided by Georges' girlfriend, Nath White // https://soundcloud.com/nathalie-vittu

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