Avenue Red Podcast #134 - Heerd


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Avenue Red Podcast 134 comes from Heerd, a DJ and production duo made up of 2 Romanians: George Olaru and Stroe Ionut, who are both based in Bucharest. Following on from 3 awesome Avenue Red mixes from George alone, the duo made a special mix for Avenue Red after getting together for a recent studio session. The result is a wonderful hour of breezy, entrancing, seductive 4/4 grooves that shimmer and glow with the true Heerd sound. "The mix showcases the Heerd sound, which is very groovy, melodic and packed with off-kilter unpredictable tracks. We mixed between records we like to play at parties or simply to listen to at home, making for an ideal podcast selection for the hi-fi, the headphones, the car or any commute from A to B. Regarding our production output we are working continuously to evolve and enrich our sounds, which we hope will shine through in our upcoming releases. August will see the release of our 2nd EP on Canadian label COTEOF, and in the near future we will release our 'Windursfers' track on Romanian label Unutrei. Keep in touch for new releases in Autumn-Winter as well ;)" George Olaru, July 2019 https://soundcloud.com/olarugeorge https://soundcloud.com/heerd https://www.facebook.com/heerdmusic See also: https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-113-olaru https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-107-olaru https://soundcloud.com/avenue-red/podcast-076-olaru

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