The Future: Software, Automation and Aviation?


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Computers can calculate huge amounts of data much more efficiently than a human brain. But, can they make decisions? Are they intelligent? Are they creative? Perhaps most intriguing, do they have a conscious? With the recent crashes of the two Boeing 737 MAX airliners, the discussion of whether or not industries like aviation have become too automated and complex has once again resurfaced. With President Donald Trump tweeting that airplanes have "become far too complex to fly" a very real debate has re-energized: is automation and complex software changing the industry for the better, or for the worse? Join me, LO, as I explore some of the basics behind why some people feel that computers and software lie at the heart of the two recent 737 MAX crashes, among others. I will also dive in to difficult, almost existential questions, such as, at what point does a computer go from being a programmable logic machine, to one that has a conscious, and is able to be aware of itself; to make intuitive decisions? While this discussion can quickly get way out of the scope of The Aviation LO Down/ATC Memes, Books such as Gödel, Escher, Bach have attempted to tie it all together, with the idea being that systems of consciousness and recursion can emerge from seemingly meaningless components, and I encourage anyone interested in chewing on the idea of real artificial intelligence to explore that book. I'll also dive into some of the people from the past who have also echoed their concerns on automation and machines; some of them may surprise you! From Karl Marx, to Will Smith, to Donald Trump, this episode will get your thinking caps on, and your autopilot systems off.

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