AR #66 - How To Overcome Self-Doubt As You Follow Your Dreams


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How To Overcome Self-Doubt As You Follow Your Dreams with Connie Chapman In this episode I explore; + Why fear and self-doubt are an indicator that you are on the verge of expansion. + The reason that birthing a big, new desire triggers all of your old stories, limitations and emotions. + Why the purpose of your desires is to help you to expand and grow within yourself. + A powerful journaling practise for working through self-doubt, and re-calibrating to love. + How to decipher the difference between the voice of your heart, and the voice of your head. + How to reclaim your power by choosing whether love or fear will rule your life. + My favourite conscious creation practise for energetically aligning with your desire and shifting into a place of belief. + The power of receiving support, and why you must be careful who you share your dreams with. + How to start moving forward towards and taking action even when you feel overwhelmed. + How to strengthen your belief and grow your confidence in yourself. Full Post + Show Notes: Stay in Touch: Instagram: connie_chapman Facebook: conniechapmanpage Email: Website:

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