AR #67 - Natural Eco-Beauty & Creating Radiance From Within with Emmily Banks


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Would you love clear, glowing skin and a radiance that shines from the inside-out? In today's episode I speak with natural make-up artist and eco beauty advocate Emmily Banks. You will learn just how nasty some of the standard beauty products are, and how transitioning to natural, eco beauty will detoxify your body, revolutionise your health and greatly support the planet. In today's episode we discuss; + Emmily's journey of transitioning into natural beauty + Why going natural, organic and eco friendly, is not only important of our health but also our environment. + How the preservatives, fragrances and chemicals in beauty products are disrupting our hormones and damaging our health, and the key nasties we need to look out for. + The importance of being aware of what we put on our skin (and why this is sometimes more important than what we put in our mouths) + How to begin making the transition onto natural, organic, eco friendly beauty products. + The best ways to care for our skin both externally and internally and why we don't need expensive creams and potions. + How to eat for beauty and the best foods for creating radiance from within. + Why a positive mindset and practising self-love, are keys factors in creating natural beauty and how Emmily's cultivates self-love on a daily basis. + Why choosing natural products is a powerful practise of valuing yourself and deeply honouring your body. Full Post & Show Notes:

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