AR #68 - Breaking Free From Comparison


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Are you getting caught in patterns of comparison which leave you feeling stuck, full of self-doubt and like you are not good enough? In today's podcast I share 4 powerful ways that you can transform and break through the comparison trap and begin honouring your self, valuing your gifts and moving forward towards your dreams. In this episode I discuss; + Why comparison is a bigger problem now, than ever before. + The importance of 'putting the blinkers on' and staying focused on your own journey and vision. + Why you need to stop consuming external content and information and tune into your inner wisdom instead. + Why self-love is necessary to heal comparison. + How to stop copying others and get clear on what your unique desires and gifts are. + Why I believe your only job is to 'follow the inner call of your own unique soul' (and what that even means). + The power of self-trust and surrender in the creative process. + The importance of valuing progress over perfection. + Why the people who trigger your comparison-itis, are actually your greatest teachers. + The need to take people off pedestals, and stop minimising yourself against them. + Some powerful journaling practices you can use to shift out of comparison right away. Full Post & Show Notes: Stay in Touch: Instagram: connie_chapman Facebook: conniechapmanpage Email: Website:

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