AR #69 - Step Into Your Power & Ditch The Victim Mentality


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I recently uncovered a sneaky victim pattern that had been sabotaging my life and holding me back from living in my power. It was such an AHA moment that I wanted to share it with you and also discuss the transformative practices we can all use to break free of this mentality and live deeply empowered lives. In this episode I explore & discuss; + The signs and indicators that we are living in a victim energy and giving our power away. + My personal story of how a I uncovered a disempowering pattern from my childhood that was still ruling me and sabotaging my life. + How our victim patterns actually serve us by keeping us safe, and allow us to play small. + My favourite journaling prompts to help you uncover the key reasons, justifications and excuses that are currently blocking you. + The beginning steps for coming back into your personal power. + The importance of making a deep whole-heart commitment to what you want and not letting anything stop you. + Why you are never really stuck, and how to begin creating change and opening up new possibilities so that you can move forward. Full post & Show Notes: Stay in Touch: Instagram: connie_chapman Facebook: conniechapmanpage Email: Website:

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