AR #70 - Playing Big & Expanding Beyond Your Comfort Zone with Kate O Brien


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Are you hiding out in your comfort zone, playing small and holding back from what you desire? Discover how to step up, play bigger, move beyond fear and expand your life in today’s podcast episode with global visionary Kate O’ Brien. In this episode Kate and I explore; + Why the 2 biggest barriers to an extraordinary life are living in survival, and the tolerance of 'good' and ‘normal’ + Why all change begins with radical self-honesty. + The importance of taking action in the moment that you have a new insight or realisation. + How to tap into the inner guidance that is always there for you. + Why radical change begins with baby steps and simply doing one thing differently. + The mindset you need for success. + Why commitment is the catalyst that makes you rise and show up in a bigger way. + The power of feeling and embrace your discomfort, rather than letting it stop you. + The need to let yourself get messy, and why you can still take action and move forward even if you feel messy. + Why true transformation lies in changing your identity and how you see yourself. + How to work through your negative beliefs, fear and feelings of not being good enough + The comfort zone barriers that Kate is currently breaking through to take her marriage and business to new levels. Full Post & Show Notes:

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