AR #75 - My 2017 Reflections: 10 Key Lessons, Learning's & Practices From A Transformative Year


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After a long break, Awaken Radio is back! In this first episode of 2018, I am sharing my key reflections, lessons and learning's from 2017. While 2017 was filled with challenges, it was also full of growth, transformation and some pretty magical manifestations. So today I have decided to share the top 10 inner work principles and lifestyle practices that I implemented through 2017, which helped make it both a beautiful and fulfilling year. In this episode I cover; + Why 2017 was all about laying foundations and doing the groundwork. + Powerful questions to help you review & reflect on 2017. + My top 10 lessons, learning’s and practices from last year including 5 inner work principles, and 5 lifestyle changes and tools I implemented. + How ditching my victim mentality and fully stepping into my power helped me radically upgrade my life in 2017. + How I pre-paved all of my big manifestations with energy work. + The power of being courageous and taking risks, and why life rewards your courage. + Why my greatest challenges provided the greatest opportunities for growth. + How deepening my level of surrender allowed me to experience more flow, ease, acceptance and support from my inner guidance. + Why I chose to ditch my standard beauty products and make the switch to natural, eco-beauty in 2017. + The tweaks I made to my morning routine so it was more flowing and supportive of what I needed each day + How I used my journal to set intentions for the day ahead. + The healing power of living guided by the feminine cycles of the moon and our bodies. + How setting monthly financial goals amplified my abundance. + The 2 changes I made to my diet which made me feel more in tune with my body and much more grounded. Full Post & Show Notes at: Stay in Touch: Instagram: connie_chapman Facebook: conniechapmanpage Email: Website:

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