Ep. 079 - Passion. Not Excuses. (w. Thierry Lindor)


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I have had the incredible opportunity along this journey to connect and learn from a diverse and always inspiring array of guests with an impactful story to tell.

Today's guest is no exception.

In fact, I have to admit what an exciting surprise it was when he accepted my invitation to be a featured guest on the program.

If you've ever come across Thierry Lindor's talks, interviews and overall content, then you're already very familiar with his particular dose of energy and empowerment.

As the Founder & President of InfluenceOrbis, the #1 Entrepreneurial & Influencer movement in Canada, as well as being the Founder of ReMax Griffintown, Thierry embodies the kind of wisdom and ambitious spirit that was not only bred from a very young age, but has also quite obviously fueled his many achievements throughout his career.

His is a story of audacity, curiosity, resilience and consistency that we can definitely learn from as well as apply in our own lives.

An amazing exchange which I do hope you'll enjoy.

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