Mom (88 years old) To Alaska - Guest Jane Trainor, Fairbanks, AK


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Jane Trainor is a long-time Fairbanks resident, who is a healer, colonic therapist and humanitarian. She moved her mother into her home from the East Coast after mother Marcia's short stay in a nursing home. Her mother was in very poor physical and mental condition when she arrived in Alaska. Jane set up a program of nutrition, physical, mental and social improvement for her mother. With the help of her family and community resources her mother came "back to life." Topics: Trapping and Fishing in the Alaskan Bush * Moving to Fairbanks * The Deal: Rehabilitating Marcia * Dependable Daily Schedule * Supplements for Strength and Clarity * Marcia Walks and Socializes in the Community * Foundation of Daily Spirituality * The Adult Day Care Center * Strict Routine is Essential * Keeping Jane’s Mood Up * The Private World of Dementia * Avoiding Care-giver Burn-out * Researching Financial Assistance * Getting Support * Marcia’s Eventful Early Life * Marcia’s Tears of Gratitude * Insights and Blessings * Reverence for Elders * Athabaskan Tribal Values * Marcia’s Newly-Restored Capacities * Creating a Quality Life * Importance of Support/Water/Diet/Exercise * Taking Marcia To Church * Reversal of Some Aspects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

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