Mom, My Menagerie and Me - Guest Rosemary Strauss, Owner of Peaceful Valley Farm, Dry Ridge, KY


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Rosemary Strauss, nurse and massage therapist, has performed wonders with her 97 year-old mother, Theresa Kulinski, who now reads a book a day, no longer uses a wheelchair, does chores and helps with the animals. Learn how Rosemary has rehabilitated Theresa and created a rich country life for them and their horses, dogs, pond fish and other well-cared-for animals in scenic Kentucky. Topics: How to interact as a parent-advocate with medical staff * Mom’s tasks and responsibilities * The importance of exercise, reading and socializing * Parents in nursing homes * What to look for * Identifying the three stages of bed sores * A caregiver's personal renewal * Gratitude List * 'Caring for Mother' story * Importance of touch * 'Poison for Mother-in-Law' Story * How to massage the hands * Self-renewal routines for caregivers * Consider your mood, words and attitudes.

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