Mother Mary's Miracles in Prescott, AZ - Guest Paz Macaballug


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Ms. Paz Macaballug (Mah cah BALL oog), a Phillipina governess for a Prescott, Arizona family has had apparitions of Mother Mary and has received the gift of healing from Jesus in a dream. She has experienced numerous miracles and blessings from Jesus, Mother Mary and angels.
Topics: Mary Comes in Disguise as An Indian * Sister Nena’s Cancer Healing * The Floating Rosary and Cascading Rose Petals * Two Healings By Paz * Willing to Heal * Frost Etchings on the Windows * Jesus and Mary Appear in the House * Mary’s Five Requests * Some Prominent Marian Visionaries * Resources * Create a Daily Holy Hour * Angelic Alarm Clock * Some Well-known Shrines and Marian Pilgrimage Sites * Love Each Other * The Healing Spring in the Cornfield.

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