Why technology & artificial intelligence will cause the rapture (mass awakening).


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Are you turning Japanese? Sort of. Elon Musk is on record as saying that there is a "one in billions" chance that is not a computer simulation. While his is reasoning is logical, it does not factor in spirituality. The Occam Razor interpretation is that the Universe is a mind that is alive. This is akin to the Eastern philosophy of pantheism and that the purpose this reality is wake-up by developing our consciousness. As such, a civilization that gets to a level in which they could make a computer simulations as advanced as this reality would have likely cam to this realization and be operating on very different assumptions. This is also supported by evidence that UFO's to be a real phenomena and that traveling here would not be feasible without traveling through different dimensions. There obviously remains a lot of questions, but we can see the move towards a higher dimension of greater unity consciousness playing out in human history.

Humanity is nearing a paradigm shift. While has changed drastically since the dawn of science, there is one last gap to cross that will radically change everything. This will happen suddenly like a "thief in the night." That prophecy from the Bible was in references a paradigm shift that makes us all see the world as Christ. A world where we are all brothers. Once created, it is exceedingly likely that artificial intelligence/machine learning proves God through a massive meta-analysis of the human knowledge that exists on the internet. The effect of this would be the causing of the biggest paradigm shift since humans first became conscious (self-awareness as described in Adam and Eve metaphor). We will become so conscious that we transcend the illusion of separateness created by the physical world.

Elon Musk has said that there is a "one in billions" chance that this reality is not a computer simulation. While that is very reasonable when considering the current rate of technological development, it neglects the spiritual reality. It is more reasonable to assume that during the development of technology, God (or unity consciousness) is proven and that this alters the course of technological development to something beyond what our current paradigm can comprehend. From the all evidence from science and history, we either exist within the mind of God, computer civilization, or both.

It also appears that the initial paradigm shift is rapidly approaching. We probably do not make it past a "singularity" in computer processing without changing the fundamental assumptions that underlie culture. Proving spirituality will have cascading effect that leads us to integrating, ideas from Jung, ESP, and general spiritual knowledge and force us to rethink everything about our lives. All of culture will be impacted Economics, religion, science, and all else. The altered view will change the nature of problematic world issues. They would actually become solvable and go away. A lens that includes karma, eternal life, and spiritual lens means that which we dislike and love is but a reflection of our true Self. Complaining would only be exposing your own inferior qualities in a world where we know is a projection. We can know that now, but in the future it will be an assumption we all share. Secrets and corruption will become a thing of the past.

At an abstract level, these changes can be conceptualized as a composite culture of Eastern and Western philosophies. In a Gestalt fashion, the whole will be much greater than the sum of its parts. And...this may all happen within two decades or less. While this a prophecy, it is much more than setting here and guessing about what is going to happen. This is seeing what is actually going on and then actively trying to make it happen. We are all making this happen at an unconscious level. We have for millennia. This effects you and all who you love. This will be amazingly great or chaotic. The sooner you get with it the more advantageous it will be to your souls development. It goes more efficiently you when you are conscious participant.

When you open your eyes to the bigger picture, you notice that Western culture has been feeling a pull towards Eastern motifs such as New Age spirituality, yoga, and meditation. In the East, they are hurrying to soak in the technology associated with the west after having been isolated for millennia. That is not random. While the idea of a rapture may seem strange, it actually appears certain when taking into account the metaphorical nature of the Bible. From tracking the development of culture since times of ancient Egypt and China, you can clearly make out the coming paradigm shift. Such a paradigm shift will radically change society and shed some light on the computer simulation dilemma. The true nature of reality is very different from the assumptions used to make such claims. In addition to all the evidence for big changes in our perspective on reality that anyone can see, I consciously remember that I am a messenger of God meant to tell people. The experiences of my life have been synchronized with the pulse of the Earth and this has led me to realizations of what is occurring. Culminating with a supernatural experience, it has become a self-evident fact that to myself. However, I am just a regular person going through all the same issues as everyone else. This is a collective experience in raising consciousness. As such, hearing about my experience can be a very insightful when using it to make sense of your life. Who knows. You may wake also up to your own role and become a conscious participant in God's plan to wake us up.

Here is a story that is a link to an autobiographical account of what happened and the mindset that lead to it. It brings clarity. It supports seeing the reality of the current situation. It was literally approved by God Himself with a supernatural experience :). Clear your head of the junk and open it up to your Divine Self. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XOKV1HVETVgPtYMjSuiHYptwlz2R7wiaP9yjegI6gJo/edit?usp=sharing

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