#Revenue 7: Scaling SaaS Revenue & Sales Teams w/ Zorian Rotenberg


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What’s the battle-tested method to scale SaaS revenue and sales teams?

That’s what we’re answering today…

Zorian Rotenberg, CRO at Infotelligent, joins host of the #Revenue series, John Grispon, on this episode of B2B Growth. Along with the only formula you’ll ever need to scale SaaS revenue, Zorian shares…

  • 3 keys to sales repeatability
  • An unconventional way of hiring the top talent
  • Why LTV-to-CAC ratio should not be 3:1 in an early-stage SaaS company

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This episode is hosted by John Grispon. Founder and Sales Coach at Early Revenue, as part of the #Revenue series on B2B Growth.

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