EPISODE 40!!! (XL only because Justin likes his Roman numerals!)


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EPISODE XL!!!! WOW!!!!! (I'm only letting Justin continue because it makes him feel like he has control!!)

ANYWAY...It was another fun-filled show of us talking about what we thought was important!

Once again.....THANK YOU for all the support !!! We love this and have sooooooooo much fun doing it!

During this podcast, we did mention that if anyone is struggling during this difficult time (current world pandemic), and needs anyone to talk to.....PLEASE FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT TO ANY OF US!!!! We are here to help if we can! Contact us through Facebook (B2M-Between 2 Mics) or at the number Justin gave out!

AND...If you have any feedback (good, bad, or otherwise) about our 1/2 hour of shenanigans! We did have fun doing it!! We're rookies....but we're learning! We have ourselves a good "teacher"! At least he thinks so!

The next show will likely be March 12, 2021.....almost 1 year to the day of our FIRST PODCAST!! It's our 1-year anniversary!!!! I'm expecting cake and flowers!!! Let's see if the boys follow through!!

Until then.... Thank you, stay safe...WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

Thanks again

Heather, Justin, and Da Freak!

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