EPISODE 48: Elizabeth Carroso, Professional Network Marketer


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We are so excited for you to delve into this episode and hear from Elizabeth Carroso, she is Chan's mum and also BIB mumma bear, we know so many of our girls on our team love and look up to her. Elizabeth has been Medical Aesthetician who has worked in that industry for over 30 years, however, in her later years decided to follow a life long dream of flying as an international flight attendant, so somehow managed to do both things for several years then decided to also throw in a network marketing business!
Her passions always revolved around helping others and making a change so the opportunity to join our team was intriguing to her and has you'll here in this episode, despite having some hesitation due to her busy life with 2 jobs, at 50 years of age - she dove in and decided to give something completely new a go.
We know you're going to love this episode, Elizabeth shares not only her triumphs, but her challenges, hurdles and the lessons she has learnt along the way. She has been an integral member of our team for just over 4 years, hitting the pinnacle position of NMD within our company late last year and is showing women of all ages (especially those in there 40's, 50's and beyond) that anyone can do this business, it's never too late to start or to have a second, third or fourth look at the network marketing profession.

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