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Britain held it's referendum to leave the European Union in 2016. It has taken years of internal debate and political conflict to determine how to leave.
Because Europe is a vital trading partner of The U.K. So Britain needs a trade deal or it's economy will be in tatters. It's close. Close to crashing out of Europe at the end of 2020 with no deal. And close to a deal that will be hotly debated in Britain.
And all this for what? Sovereignty? Over? Fishing waters?
There are eerie parallels to the populist false politics of Donald Trump in America.
On this Back Story Host Dana Lewis talks to Anna Soubry, lawyer and former member of the Conservative Government, which called the BREXIT referendum in 2016. She says it was a horrible mistake. And, we also talk to former EU Parliamentarian Irina Von Weiss, British commentator Jo Phillips, and from Germany EU member of Parliament Terry Reintke who has called Boris Johnson a liar on BREXIT.

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