Don Fullilove, Mayor Goldie Wilson


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Donald "Don" Fullilove (born May 16, 1958 in Dallas, Texas) is an American film and voice actor[1] who has had a role in numerous projects over the course of his forty-year plus career in both films and television. He portrayed Hill Valley, California Mayor Goldie Wilson in the first Back to the Future movie, and his grandson hovermobile salesman Goldie Wilson III in Back to the Future Part II, and more recently he has had a role as Nurse George, a character in Pixar's Up. He also provided the voice of Michael Jackson as a child voice actor in the animated ABC-TV Saturday Morning series The Jackson 5ive (1971–73). He also appeared in Partsaurus Rex,a Toy Story short film. He also currently has a recurring role as Reginald in American Dad!. Fullilove, who graduated from Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles in 1976 and currently resides in Burbank, California.

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