Episode Fifty-One: Friend or Foe II


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In the heart of FelNor the Bronze Scales find that the residents of this dark place have as much interest in them as they have in the Factions The arrival of the Shadow Dragon seems to have set something into motion and the wheel of fate begins to turn faster Resolving to spend the night in relative safety under the Embassy the party gets more answers from and about their host and begins to debate what path to walk from the crossroads where they currently stand Note Katie and George were absent this sessionTheme Song Returning to Camp by Magnus RingblomOther Music Heros Hand 1 from August WilhelmssonTime Stamps012 Intro143 Remembrance Cavalcade239 Recap416 Episode Begins1647 Back to safety2506 Security vs Comfort2817 The necessity of divinity and the failings of diplomacy3414 Final questions3753 Decisions4516 Deliberation5311 Broken code5712 Play Along10009 What are friends for10300 Monkey business11605 Outro CastDM Klouse KlouseWhiteAmsen Alexander StoriesByAmsenBl RogerEllory Nyessa NyessaGamingEzekiel GeorgeMeli Katie scanlanjammintumblrcomVesper Swan swanofmischief

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