Episode Forty-Eight: Eye to Eye - Part Two


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Retracing the assassins steps the Bronze Scales find themselves facing down deadly beasts and puzzling tunnels From there they wind their way through ancient subterranean ruins and encounter a familiar face in the darkness beneath But in trying to comprehend their enemies motivations the devout Scales find their convictions challengedNote Alexander was absent this half of the sessionMusic They Came From the Sky by August WilhelmssonTime Stamps012 Previously057 Nat 20 on that imitation133 Episode begins1005 Between a rock and more rocks1420 The battle begins2438 A familiar face2745 Why Klouse should play a bard3500 Finish him3930 Why Klouse should play a bard reprise4545 End this here and now5300 Once more with feeling5453 HDYWTDT5714 Some answers11213 Making connections12001 Choosing a path12256 OutroCastDM Klouse KlouseWhiteAmsen Alexander StoriesByAmsenBl RogerEllory Nyessa NyessaGamingEzekiel GeorgeMeli Katie scanlanjammintumblrcomVesper Swan swanofmischief

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