Episode Forty-Nine: Promise Fulfilled - Part One


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With their task completed the Bronze Scales begin their journey back to the surface Along the way they discuss their beliefs and delicate new position Vesper and Ellory share their concerns with Bl Ellory and Ezekiel take a dive into dark waters and the party does a bit of weedingTheme Song Returning to Camp by Magnus RingblomOther Music Heros Hand 1 from August WilhelmssonTime Stamps012 Intro143 Remembrance Lost in the Mist247 Recap426 Ellory actually447 Episode Begins827 Never leave your loot1806 A presence2526 The Arcanatech Schematic2957 The weight of possibility3834 Punishment or protection4230 Clever girl4430 An aside4650 Cracking the code4718 Heart to heart to heart5215 Next timeCastDM Klouse KlouseWhiteAmsen Alexander StoriesByAmsenBl RogerEllory Nyessa NyessaGamingEzekiel GeorgeMeli Katie scanlanjammintumblrcomVesper Swan swanofmischief

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