Episode Forty-Seven: Matron of the Mines - Part One


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The Bronze Scales take a moment to reconsider where to aim their aggressions and continue their pursuit of the mysterious thief Through winding tunnels and underground lakes their trail leads them right into the clutches of danger and Bls fiery temper takes a new directionTheme Song Returning to Camp by Magnus RingblomOther Music Heros Hand 1 from August WilhelmssonTime Stamps012 Intro142 Its not a session without Klouse bitching at Skype154 Prologue Strange Rituals319 Recap358 Episode Begins858 Trade1602 Well someone forgot to be subtle2325 60 ft Darkvision 30 ft of Light Swan cant do math or read2849 60 ft Read your magic item descriptions kids3906 Into the mine4433 Well shit11202 Next timeCastDM Klouse KlouseWhiteAmsen Alexander StoriesByAmsenBl RogerEllory Nyessa NyessaGamingEzekiel GeorgeMeli Katie scanlanjammintumblrcomVesper Swan swanofmischief

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