Fireside Q&A Special: Bonfire Fables Two - Part Two


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The cast of Back to the Story and special guest Dael Kingsmill sit down for a Fireside QampA answering listener questions and discussing their play styles and character choices their history with tabletop games the family they found both in and out of character and the way we share and value stories And later the Bronze Scales also make an appearance to take questions from our listenersMusic Andreas Theme by Kevin MacLeodTime Stamps012 Intro110 EthantheRenegade What was your favorite emotionally charged moment that didnt involve your character612 The significance of Orsissus1251 Freedom of expression1442 Klouse how long did you spend worldbuilding1848 Daels Worldbuilding2022 DAELS PLAYERS STOP LISTENING2100 Okay you can come back now2411 SPERM2519 SoraAvalon What made you decide to have Ellorys Wild Surges trigger when she casts a cantrip and when she rolls at or below her proficiency bonus2726 The Gnoll Incident2923 The Prologue Prototype3016 Mage Tank Rum What in the world is going on with them Celestials I mean come on now3056 Ellory and Ezekiel are they endgame or is it a fling3412 Furblescout What is each characters most nostalgic food4114 What is each characters birthday4445 Kalvyn was there ever a time you doubted what your brothers told you4542 Kalvyn what do you enjoy smithing the most4613 Kalvyn whats it like working for Amsens father4648 Klouse whats your favorite creature noise to make4741 KlouseMeli4845 Klouse what decision has the group made thats most surprised you5045 Which character would win at Chubby Bunny5210 Which character would most likely be a Vine star5419 Which class would each character play if they were playing DampD5552 Whats a character concept you want to see someone else in the group play5918 Kawaii Kalvyn10040 What is your favorite tabletop system besides 5e10250 Our Tuesday game and why we love it11355 A M Paulson From a North American perspective why does it seem western stories and folklore are so much more prominent in common knowledge than eastern or African folklore12042 How stories shape our history12458 A round of gratitude12537 Quick SelfPromotions12928 Klouses DMs Guild13015 Watch all of Wolfgang13255 Outro and updated end cardBy the BonfireKlouse KlouseWhiteAlexander StoriesByAmsenNyessa NyessaGamingGeorgeMichaelSwan swanofmischiefDael youtubecomMonarchsFactory

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