Making Your Own Backpacking Meals


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In this episode of the Backpacking Light podcast, Andrew and Ryan discuss the gear, skills, and hacks you need to create your own backpacking meals. This giant two-hour episode is chock full of actionable tips, with input from Backpacking Light’s resident dehydration expert, Dave Swink, and Aaron Owens Mayhew, MS, RDN, CD from the Backcountry Foodie.

Just a few of the things covered:

  • All the gear you’ll need to get started with at-home dehydration
  • How to make good backpacking meals using only ingredients from dollar stores
  • The best tricks to decrease food prep time and increase the taste and texture of your dehydration efforts
  • Which foods to dehydrate and which foods to stay away from
  • The difference between dehydration and freeze-drying
  • ...and more!

Also in this episode:

  • Van life
  • A new Dyneema shelter from Tarptent
  • Luxury couples backpacking gear
  • What’s new at BPL

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