Popaganda: The Blue Wave


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As we go into the 2018 midterm election season, we’ve got a lot of unknowns to think about. What can we expect to change this time around? Will there be more political upsets, like we’ve seen during the Democratic primaries in New York with the ascendancy of first-timer Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? One thing’s for sure: this year, more women, especially women of color, are running for public office than have ever before. Today, I’ll talk to two people with unique insight into how this all happened and what we can look forward to in November.

First, I talk to Erin Vilardi, the founder and CEO of VoteRunLead, an organization that trains women to run for office. Then I speak to Minnesota State Senator Patricia Torres Ray, who is seeking her party’s nomination for a Congressional seat in a few weeks, about why she’s running.


Last November, Lillyanne Pham wrote an article for Bitch on women of color candidates to watch

Curious about those Rutgers numbers? Here’s more data on women candidates than you can shake a stick at! Look up your state!

Want even more numbers?? The Washington Post has a good review of survey data on women candidates and their favorability.

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