What Does Gender Sound Like?


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Music interacts with gender in surprising and strange ways: sometimes upholding the binary, sometimes undermining it. In this episode, we’ll talk to three people who’ve thought deeply about that dynamic and come up with their own interpretations of what it all means.

First, we discuss how gender identities are constructed through music with Marcy Nabors, an independent composer. Then we talk to Musicology scholar Emily Masincup about how the musical motifs of the Lord of the Rings trilogy—known sausage fest—helped her enjoy the films on a deeper level. Finally, you’ll hear from Aiden Feltkamp, an opera librettist and producer, about “pants roles” and his fight to make opera more accessible and welcoming for LGBTQIA folks.


Check out the Bandcamp article Marcy references on the different ways composers are using Vocaloid audio.

For more on Pyotr Tchaikovsky and how sexuality figured into his work, start with this book on his 6th, or Pathétique, Symphony.

And here’s Joni Mitchell on her “sus chords.”

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