Foraging for Mushrooms and Other Wild Edible Plants Ft Orion of Forage Colorado


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This week, Nicole is joined by Orion of Forage Colorado to discuss foraging for mushrooms and other wild edibles.


  • Foraging for mushrooms and what to look for
  • What other edibles you can forage for
  • How to forage safely
  • Why foraging in your backyard is a great place to get started

Orion was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM. Moved to Fort Collins in 2008 to study Natural Resource Management at CSU. He has always been an avid outdoorsman and started fishing before he can remember! Orion began foraging for mushrooms at the age of 10, and later started hunting in 2014.

Forage Colorado was started in 2015 in an effort to create a place where Orion could share his passion for wild foods with others and currently offers private foraging classes and educational opportunities related to the wild foods of Colorado.

For his day job Orion works as the Field Production Manager for the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery where he grows seedling trees for conservation, restoration, reforestation, and more.


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