Herbalism Basics For Humans And Animals ft Heather from Herbal Academy


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Heather from Herbal Academy joins Nicole to discuss herbalism basics for humans and animals in this episode Backyard Bounty podcast.

What You’ll Learn

  • Where can you find research on various herbs in the Herbal Academy* platform
  • Which herbs beginners should focus on
  • What space you will need to get started growing herbs
  • How to preserve your herbs

Our Guest
Heather is a clinical herbalist, While she was learning her craft she made her living in or around farms and horticulture, or allied with naturopathic medicine in a rural community.
Herbal Academy is founded by Marlene Adelmann who came to learn about herbalism after using herbs in a culinary way and after studying and practicing herbalism joined herbalists with many different talents to build a school that could reach more people.

The Herbal Academy has become a wildly popular program with participants worldwide. Courses are aimed at both brand new herb learners as well as those who are becoming more advanced or starting a business.

Offering various programs The Herbal Academy* caters to those who wish to be in an online community, or for those who prefer self-study only or want to pick and choose from the content, The Herbarium is also available with many participants doing both a course and subscribing to The Herbarium.
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