Queen Honey Bee Fertility Research ft Alison McAfee


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Queen Honey Bee Fertility Research is our topic for this episode of Backyard Bounty podcast as we join Nicole and Alison McAfee.

What You’ll Learn

  • How temperature fluctuations can affect queen honey bee fertility
  • What research is currently being conducted in the Queen Honey Bee Fertility area
  • The best place to source your Queen Bees

Our Guest

Alison has a Bachelor’s in biochemistry and did her PhD in genome science and technology at UBC. For that, she studied hygienic behavior which is where honey bees sacrifice their diseased babies to keep them from getting everyone else sick.

She is currently appointed at both UBC and NCSU, studying queen health and reproduction.

Alison is also a science writer and writes a monthly column for American Bee Journal and has had freelance pieces appear in Scientific American.
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