Andrea Dunlop (the author of We Came Here to Forget) talks to us about her book!


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Yesterday we talked about We Came Here to Forget by Andrea Dunlop and today we’re so happy to have her with us for a special bonus episode where we talk about the book! We talk to her about her writing process and how she developed the plot line for the book (which is somehow both thrilling with a happy redemption story). We loved this book, and we learned more about Andrea’s personal experiences that led to writing this. She set out to debunk myths about the issue and what pop culture is getting right and wrong about Munchausen’s by proxy. Andrea is a pantser (not a plotter) when it comes to writing, and she reveals her process, the importance of resilience in the industry, and how she gives back to the community through social media.

Andrea on Instagram:

  • @andreadunlap

Andrea’s Books:

TV Shows that feature Munchausen’s by Proxy:

Famous Munchausen Cases Mentioned:

  • Gypsy Rose Blanchard Case
  • Lacey Spears Case

Books Mentioned:


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