Grace Interviews Becca! Decorating Her Apartment, The Term “Influencer”, and Freelance Life


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For this month’s “Just Us” episodes, Becca had the idea to interview each other! This week Grace interviews Becca. We crowdsourced the questions from you and had so much fun interviewing each other.

You already know Becca, but how well do you really know her? Today all of your questions are answered. Does Becca have a secret boyfriend? Becca tells us her goals for the podcast (and her instagram too!), what it’s like gaining an online following, thoughts on the word influencer and why she doesn’t consider herself one. Becca also talks about shifting to freelance, getting clients, managing people, and knowing when it is time to leave a job. We also get the scoop on using an interior decorator, the process, pros and cons, and of course a glimpse into her friendship with Grace!

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