Grace’s Sister Rebecca Atwood Talks Decorating with Color... and Embarrassing Family Stories!


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Today we have Grace’s sister Rebecca Atwood joining us! With two “Becca’s” and two sisters who sound almost exactly alike, things get a little wild! Rebecca is an artist and textile designer who has her own incredible product line and just wrote her second book! Today she's answering all of your questions about home decor... giving us the rundown on tastefully adding more color to our homes (and why “connector colors” are a must)! Stay tuned ‘till the very end for hilarious Atwood sister childhood stories from growing up on Cape Cod.

Products Mentioned:

  • The Breakers Palm Beach Resort
  • White Pepper Paint by Valspar
  • Case for Making Paints
  • Taylor Swift’s Newest Album
  • Grace’s Gold Vintage Mirror from Chairish

Books Mentioned:

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  • Grace: @round.boys
  • Becca Atwood: @purrsanlove
  • Becca Freeman: @henning

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