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Mike and Morgan each give you their top 5 shows to stream on Netflix and Hulu! It's a scary time for us all, let's try to make the best of it by staying inside and watching some good TV shows! We'll be back to bad tv next time, but some positivity felt right for this week. Stay safe Baddies! List of shows: GLOW - NetflixArrested Development - NetflixThe Twilight Zone - Netflix/HuluJeopardy - Netflix/HuluShe-Ra and the Princesses of Power - NetflixThe X Files.- HuluBuffy/Angel - HuluNo Reservations - HuluYou’re the Worst - Hulu30 Rock - Hulu If you enjoy the show please help spread the word by giving us a quick review on iTunes and sharing us with friends. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @badreceptionpod. If you have a show you’d like us to watch, you can tweet at us or send an email to For those links and more go to We are proud members of the PodFix network. Visit their website to find more awesome shows like ours, and follow them @PodFix on Twitter. Special Thanks to Ben Hunter for help with social media promotion. Logo designed by Sean-Matthew Leary. #PodernFamily #UnderDogPods #LegionOfIndiePods #Podbean #mbmbambinopodcasters #WLIPodpeeps #PodFix #BadTV #Netflix #Hulu

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