1×79: Who Watches the Undertakers


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In a slightly altered format, we split into pairs this week and each sets the other pair a topic. Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge set a topic for discussion for Bryan Lunduke and Jeremy Garcia, and Bryan and Jeremy do the same for Stuart and Jono:

  • 00:01:50 What happens to your data when you die? Have you made provision for your family to have access to your digital accounts, or have you explicitly made provision for your data to get autodeleted on a dead man’s switch? Bryan and Jeremy discuss what they’ve already done, what they’ve thought about for this, and which options are available to you
  • 00:18:42 The UK has seen proliferation of CCTVs and physical mass surveillance on a greater scale than in the USA and other places. Stuart and Jono discuss their thoughts, opinions on the public’s acceptance of this and whether the perceived benefits outweigh the perceived concerns?

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