2×15: One Mouse in a Row


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Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which we will not be your friend, we learn some Italian, the show actually gets mixed on time, and:

  • [00:02:09] The news… Google “manifestbro” posts a screed about Google’s internal attitudes to diversity and opposing affirmative action programmes, says that the way to fix the gender gap is to stop alienating conservatives, gets fired (and we have a discussion thread going on this already)… Creators of GRSecurity Linux kernel security patches sue Bruce Perens after he says that using their stuff might lead to legal trouble… UK data protection people worrying about government employees use of Slack because it makes freedom of information and transparency harder…
  • [00:19:40] What should you use to run your website? Lots of people reach for WordPress, and that’s got a broad community; what else is out there? If you are using WP, are there a good set of plugins and themes that you might find good? Also including a whole discussion about IFTTT and Zapier and “glue code” for tying many services together
  • [00:44:33] Ben Thompson put forward the idea of “curated journalism”: that publishers stop being employers of creators and start instead being curated publications of creators who already exist, in a detailed article for Stratechery. Does this idea actually hang together? Is it just the obvious next step? And are we likely to see new companies spring up or existing companies pivot to becoming the service provider to creators rather than the owner of them?

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