1×52: Immensely Deft

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Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, Bryan Lunduke, and Stuart Langridge bring you Bad Voltage, in which the legitimacy of colleges are called into question, nobody has a big enough backpack, and:

  • 00:01:52 Volkswagen was recently revealed to have written custom software for their diesel cars to make them cheat on government emissions tests: when the car is being tested it runs in a low-power mode to cut its emissions and so pass the test. What does this mean for a world controlled by software, and how have the company handled the reveal in public?
  • 00:18:42 Bryan reviews the System76 Serval Workstation, a beast of a “desktop-class laptop” with an alarming 6GB of video memory and weighing 8lb. We examine the use cases for this sort of and size of laptop, and whether the Serval is a good example
  • 00:35:35 The idea of a “Delayed Public Licence“: release your code under a proprietary licence now but it automatically becomes open source after a year. Useful, potentially, for people releasing mobile games for money but who also want to contribute to the commons? We see whether we think this idea would work and how useful it might be.
  • 00:51:45 Hack Voltage: email to SMS gateways provided by your phone carrier, so you can send an email and have it be a text message. Mostly outside the US these are all gone, but they’re perhaps very useful to US customers!

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