1×77: Wax Cylinder Coming Soon

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Jeremy Garcia, Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon and Bryan Lunduke present Bad Voltage, in which three idiots fail to recognise the glory of having the theme tune from The League Of Gentlemen as one’s ringtone, we create Garcia’s Law, and:

  • 00:02:01 Google have long been a player in the chat or IM ecosystem. But just lately their approach in this area seems to be getting more and more confused. What’s the deal, big G? You’ve got Allo and Duo and GTalk and Hangouts… what’s the end goal here?
  • 00:24:33 Open sourcing your hardware. Kyle from OpenMYR, who are currently kickstartering wifi-controllable motors, asks the BV team: are we doing the right thing, publishing the hardware source for our creations? When’s the right time to open your hardware: before it exists, after it exists, or never? We look into the question and give some thoughts

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