Crypto Part 1: The Man Locked Out of 200 Million and The Successful Trans NFT Artist


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After avoiding it for years, Gaby finally deep dives into cryptocurrency and NFTs. This week, they talk to programmer Stefan Thomas, a man made famous for being locked out of his crypto wallet worth 200 million dollars. Stefan breaks down the origins of crypto and why his problem is not a bug but a feature. Then, Gaby speaks to NFT artist Klara Vollstaedt about the hype market around digital art, the difference between Bored Apes and non-fungible token fine art, and how the money moves circularly within the NFT space. Who decided the Mona Lisa has value? Plus, the trans ideal of controlling your perception online, the young people making tons of money off natively digital art, and how all of that merges with the futurism of art and money.

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