Move to Europe and Pay Lower Taxes as a Digital Nomad with James Meads of Live Work Germany


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How to move to Europe to lower your cost-of-living, save money, and pay less taxes: My guest today, James Meads, is a location-independent digital nomad who helps people live and work abroad in countries like Germany. He is also exploring countries in Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria and Romania to figure out which one has the lowest cost of living and highest quality of life, as well as low taxes or even zero taxes!

In this interview, we discuss: * How to transition from a corporate job to running a remote online business * What it's like to live in Germany as an expat * The hardest parts of relocating to a new country and what to do about taxes, work visas, travel visas, housing, insurance, and setting up an online business. *The cost-of-living in Germany and how to find a job. *Why Eastern European countries like Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria are optimal choices for digital nomads to base their remote businesses. *Why so many UK and international citizens relocate to Bulgaria. *The low tax rates in Bulgaria and Romania. *Our favorite productivity tips and remote work tools. *Co-working versus working at home or in coffee shops. *How to meet other entrepreneurs and digital nomads while traveling. *Good conferences for networking. *Hidden places to visit in Germany. *The best skiing and wine regions in Germany. *Free resources on moving to Germany or Europe.

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