One Year of Badass Digital Nomads - Lessons and Reflections on a Fulfilling Life and Why We Travel


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I traveled by bike to a historical site near my current home base in Miami, FL to sit under the trees and reflect on a year of podcasting and a lifetime of travel while recording this one-year anniversary episode of Badass Digital Nomads.


  • Celebrating both milestones and moments in life, as well as small pleasures (even during "The Great Pause").
  • The struggles of slowing down.
  • Burning out versus protecting your health and well-being during the shutdown.
  • How our travel experiences near and far from home make us who we are as individuals.
  • How our ancestry and others' journeys impact our lives and where we are today.
  • How food, sounds, and places bring up memories of childhood and travel.
  • Why you can't be put in a box or categorized as an individual or in your career (we are all unique).
  • How to become the best version of yourself.
  • Triggering a "shift" between where you are now and where you want to go, while enjoying the journey of life.
  • Patience as a virtue versus wanting things to happen in life immediately.
  • Finding your own path in life.
  • Bouncing back from failures.
  • Dealing with anxiety during the shutdown.
  • Keeping your to-do list in perspective without letting it control you.
  • How to uncover new things about your local area and finding a sense of adventure wherever you go (even during quarantine).
  • How to walk the Camino de Santiago in your backyard.
  • Traveling on a budget versus the image of luxury travel presented by travel magazines and websites.
  • Why you should share your personality and stories with the world.
  • Passing on stories and anecdotes from one generation to another.
  • Drawing inspiration from your environment to create your reality.
  • The connection between traveling to Christopher Columbus's hometown of Genoa, Italy in 2012 to the discovery of The New World, Florida's history, and the content and stories that come through in the podcast.
  • Topics we've covered in past year on Badass Digital Nomads.

"There is no goal to life - every moment that you spend chasing a goal, life is slipping away little by little."



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