Episode #13 with Laura Francis: 10 Steps To Attracting Your Soulmate Clients


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We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. We’ve all experienced it. WORKING WITH CLIENTS YOU FUCKING HATE It’s a fuckin’ nightmare. You don’t like them. They don’t like you. You have nothing in common. They’re difficult. They’re complainers. They’re blamers. They’re excuse-makers. They don’t do the work. They’re late payers. Wouldn’t it be nice though if there were a simple road-map to finding the women who are want to work with you and are absolutely ready to invest in themselves? Did you read that right? WANT TO WORK WITH YOU READY TO INVEST IN THEMSELVES It’s like a coach/mentors (wet) dream! Having the women that YOU WANT TO WORK WITH cued-up and knocking down your (virtual) door. But what’s wrong with this questions? A. FUCKING. LOT! Because. Quite simply sweet one. You don’t waste your valuable fucking time searching high and low on the interwebs for women ready to invest in themselves. YOU ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY DON’T! Hoping to find your ideal clients online – in groups, in your newsfeed, in your friends list – is like looking for a fucking needle in a haystack. And. You’ll be looking. You’ll be searching. FOR FUCKING EVER! Spinning your wheels. Pulling out your hair. Curled up in a ball crying because it’s just not working for you. You DON’T go looking for them at all. Instead... YOU. GET. YOUR. IDEAL. SOUL-LEVEL. CLIENTS. TO. COME. TO. YOU. What the actual fuck? Is that even a thing? Is that even possible? Does that even work? How? YOU become the hunted? LISTEN IN TO THIS EPISODE NOW FOR MY TOP 10 STEPS TO ATTRACTING YOUR IDEAL SOUL-LEVEL CLIENTS Who is Laura Francis? Laura Francis is the go-to mindset and success mentor internationally for badass spiritual, creative and visionary online entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and messengers who want to create the multiple 6-figure empire they were born for. She helps you own your truth, your desires and your passion and empowers you to show up, speak up and massively impact the world with your message and your purpose. Inspiring you to unleash the multi-6-figure mindset within so you can blow your results and your income out of the water. Because, seriously, gorgeous one… You Were Born For More Than This! Laura’s here to help you to rise. To claim what’s yours, including your crown and your throne so you can live the life you desire while being the Queen you were born to be. Charging what you’re worth, leveraging your time and your profits selling low-high end digital courses and high-ticket VIP programs and events.

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