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2.25.2019 EP069 S Cominski

  1. Intro, Disclaimer, Discover, Support the pod!
  2. Randy’s King’s review/feedback
  3. Garden update- 2 Trays of assorted veggies including: Onions, Kale, Beans, Radishes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, and Brussels Sprouts. Also working on: rosemary propagation, Germinating about 40 Surinam Cherries, Strawberry starts, Seedless Grapes, Hazlenut tree that might be dead, and something called a Pineberry that looks like a negative of a Strawberry! Zone 8B Planting guide for March:
  4. Saturn’s Moon Titan may harbor life- (Electric Universe Purple Dawn connection)
    1. Tartary Xirtus Courtyard FB and Xirtus Discord Server
      1. Robots for Eyes, Carousel Sniper Victim, The Eastern Border, and Baked and Awake discover, marvel at, scoff over, and maybe, just maybe- find some degree of merit in the conspiracy du jour that is the Mud Flood/Grand Tartaria civilization reset.
    2. Podcast Builders’ League Supergroup explores the Tartarian Mysteries
  5. Exciting Developments in Grand Tartaria research, much content to come!

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