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We discuss the allure of 1930s gangster style, as seen in American and Japanese films. Links are below. Holly Marler’s collection for Liberty London (June 2019): Documenting Fashion Blog: Rich Cohen, The Original Gangster Style, New York Times (10 June 2019): Mervyn LeRoy (director), Little Caesar (1931): Albert Parker (director), The Black Pirate (1926): Yasujirô Ozu (director), Walk Cherfully (1930): The Ozu Collection – The Gangster Films, BFI (1929-1933): Frank R. Strayer, Rough House Rosie (1927): Pamela Hutchison, Walk Cheerfully (1930: Yasujiro Ozu’s Toe-Tapping Tough Guys, Silent London (8 May 2018): George Cukor (director), Dinner at Eight (1933):

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