The Bettor's Box MLB Betting Podcast April 22, 2019


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We're firing up another work week with a new edition of The Bettor's Box. Host Adam Burke is the voice of the best baseball betting podcast in the business and he had a lot to say coming out of the holiday weekend. After checking in on listener questions about doubleheaders and what "league average" means, he looked at some early-season outliers in the Beyond the Box Score segment. He talked about what happened over the weekend with Red Sox vs. Rays, Phillies vs. Rockies, Blue Jays vs. A's, and Reds vs. Padres. The Down the Lines segment was short and sweet today without a ton of notable line action over the weekend. A couple of picks for Monday night led into a preview of this week, with the spotlight on Diamondbacks vs. Pirates, Yankees vs. Angels, Nationals vs. Rockies, and Dodgers vs. Cubs.

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