Pain and Rehab Episode #6: Services, Barriers, Self-Management and More with Dr. Austin Barak


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On this episode of the Pain and Rehab podcast, your hosts are joined by Dr. Austin Baraki to discuss the creation of the Pain and Rehab Division, the services they provide, common issues and barriers encountered in the rehab process, and self-management strategies for pain. For more of our stuff: Podcasts: Website: Instagram: @austin_barbellmedicine @jordan_barbellmedicine @leah_barbellmedicine @vanessa_barbellmedicine @untamedstrength @mike_barbellmedicine @derek_barbellmedicine @hassan_barbellmedicine @amato_barbellmedicine @charlie_barbellmedicine @alex_barbellmedicine Email: Supplements/Templates/Seminars/Apparel: Forum: Newsletter:

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